Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weekend of cheesecake, church and cherry dip cones :)

The start of another week….. I have to admit today was a bit rough! Graham did NOT have a good nap, which means the rest of the day and tonight consisted of a LOT of crying, throwing things and timeouts! It’s amazing how he can be so sweet and then such a little monster in a two minute time span! For the most part though we have a lot of fun. This weekend was definitely a great one and very chill, we went swimming, shopping, ate a lot of ice cream (Melissa and I LOVE cherry dip cones from DQ) and watched a few movies. Sunday was cute because when I was getting ready for church Graham was crying because he wanted everyone to go to church! He kept saying “Daddy daddy mommy church church!” Melissa kept saying she didn’t want to go to church and Graham would look here right in the face and say “mommy yes!” while shaking his finger. It was so funny. When it was time to go Melissa took me and let Graham ride along, which he was thrilled about. We ended the weekend with Melissa, David and I all sitting on the kitchen counters together eating homemade cheesecake and talking till 1 in the morning. They are so fun; we always have a good time together. Well that’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll keep you all posted xoxo

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