Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer lovin

Another fantastic weekend! Why is it I only blog about my weekends? Oh well I promise to tell you about my weekdays next time! I love the 4th of July! It’s when things really start to feel like summer plus I love hotdogs, heat, fireworks and crowds. I know I know…. I said crowds call me crazy but most of the time I love it! We spent Friday swimming and by swimming I mean took turns sitting in the kiddy pool. Of course I got what I like to call sun kissed which means my shoulders had a fairly red tinge to them by the end of the day. My favorite thing about Fridays is David comes home which usually means we all go to Chipotle and you better believe I can down a burrito the size of a small baby! To be honest all I remember doing Saturday is going grocery shopping, splitting a HUGE snow cone with Melissa and going to the movies with a friend. Sunday was the big day! After church some friends from the ward and I went downtown by the rivers and walked around and watched the boat races. That night we sat on a bridge and watched the fireworks it was beautiful! Definitely one of my best Pittsburgh days thus far! Yesterday was MUCH less eventful to be honest all we did was watch 10 hrs of Cake Boss and I cleaned my bathroom. That’s right 10 hrs and we never got bored Melissa and I didn’t even get dressed till almost 2. Who new cake decorating could be so fascinating! I guess we all have to have our lazy days every now and then especially after a weekend of standing in the sun. This weekend we are going to D.C.!!! So that should give me a lot to Blog about!!! Love you all!!!! Kisses!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A weekend of cheesecake, church and cherry dip cones :)

The start of another week….. I have to admit today was a bit rough! Graham did NOT have a good nap, which means the rest of the day and tonight consisted of a LOT of crying, throwing things and timeouts! It’s amazing how he can be so sweet and then such a little monster in a two minute time span! For the most part though we have a lot of fun. This weekend was definitely a great one and very chill, we went swimming, shopping, ate a lot of ice cream (Melissa and I LOVE cherry dip cones from DQ) and watched a few movies. Sunday was cute because when I was getting ready for church Graham was crying because he wanted everyone to go to church! He kept saying “Daddy daddy mommy church church!” Melissa kept saying she didn’t want to go to church and Graham would look here right in the face and say “mommy yes!” while shaking his finger. It was so funny. When it was time to go Melissa took me and let Graham ride along, which he was thrilled about. We ended the weekend with Melissa, David and I all sitting on the kitchen counters together eating homemade cheesecake and talking till 1 in the morning. They are so fun; we always have a good time together. Well that’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll keep you all posted xoxo

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The moment you’ve all been waiting so patiently for!

I can’t believe I’ve already been here over a month! Time has just flown by! I have to admit the first few days were a bit awkward but once we got passed that everything has been amazing. Melissa and David are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met and it didn’t take long for me to find that out. My first Sunday here they drove me to church since they planned to do some shopping a few streets over. My ward is 10 minutes away and starts at 11, we left an hour early that day so we would have enough time to find our way around a marathon that was blocking off most of the major streets. Well 11 rolled around and we still hadn’t found a way around the marathon. I felt so bad for inconveniencing them I wanted to just say I’d skip that week but it was my first week there and I didn’t want them to think church wasn’t a big deal to me. Finally they suggested we just park as close as we could get and walk the rest. So Melissa, David, little Graham and I ran across the marathon runners and then walked the two miles to church up hill in the pouring rain. I felt so bad but they were so sweet about the whole thing. We all get along so well it feels kind of like living with a cousin that pays you to baby sit a lot. J

Going into it I was a bit worried about having to deal with the terrible twos but Graham is a sweet heart. We have so much fun together. David is in D.C. working Monday through Thursday most weeks and Melissa has class at 5 A.M. so most mornings are pretty much the same. Graham and I usually wake up around 9, he is not a morning person so we usually just drink some milk and hang out till 10 when we eat breakfast and he watches Sesame Street while I get us ready for the day. His favorite thing to do is ride in his stroller so we don’t spend much time inside. Sometimes we walk all the way to the park with the stroller full of balls, chalk, bubbles and snacks only to have him refuse to get out because he wants me to keep walking. I’m sure we will have walked just about every inch of Pittsburgh by the time we move! Around 1:30 we go home and eat lunch and take a nap and by then Melissa is usually back unless she has to stay and study. So it’s usually a pretty easy day. Sometimes though the naughty two year old does come out and does things like drops the dog’s leash in its poop, scream, spit, use Sam’s tooth brush, throws things, pees his pants or just plain doesn’t listen. It can be sooo tiring but for the most part we have a lot of fun together we both love playing hide and seek and dancing on my bed. I can’t imagine a better job! I was so blessed to find such a great Family to work for! I love you all and will be sure to keep you posted! It’s going to be a great summer!