Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer lovin

Another fantastic weekend! Why is it I only blog about my weekends? Oh well I promise to tell you about my weekdays next time! I love the 4th of July! It’s when things really start to feel like summer plus I love hotdogs, heat, fireworks and crowds. I know I know…. I said crowds call me crazy but most of the time I love it! We spent Friday swimming and by swimming I mean took turns sitting in the kiddy pool. Of course I got what I like to call sun kissed which means my shoulders had a fairly red tinge to them by the end of the day. My favorite thing about Fridays is David comes home which usually means we all go to Chipotle and you better believe I can down a burrito the size of a small baby! To be honest all I remember doing Saturday is going grocery shopping, splitting a HUGE snow cone with Melissa and going to the movies with a friend. Sunday was the big day! After church some friends from the ward and I went downtown by the rivers and walked around and watched the boat races. That night we sat on a bridge and watched the fireworks it was beautiful! Definitely one of my best Pittsburgh days thus far! Yesterday was MUCH less eventful to be honest all we did was watch 10 hrs of Cake Boss and I cleaned my bathroom. That’s right 10 hrs and we never got bored Melissa and I didn’t even get dressed till almost 2. Who new cake decorating could be so fascinating! I guess we all have to have our lazy days every now and then especially after a weekend of standing in the sun. This weekend we are going to D.C.!!! So that should give me a lot to Blog about!!! Love you all!!!! Kisses!

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  1. So fun Sam! I'm glad they treat ya so well. We miss you here.